The Science of Compassion

Gregg Braden offers this definition of Compassion.  A thought without an attachment to an out come….A feeling with out distortion….. an emotion without the charge.   This is our journey, to reconcile our feelings and experience life as whole, joyful, loving beings.

The 5 Tenants of Compassion

Do you …

      1: Acknowledge that there is a single source of all that “is” or may ever “be”; that   every life event, without exception, is part of “The One”;

      2: Trust in the process of life as it is shown to you, divine timing with no accidents;

3: Believe that each and every experience drawn to you, without exception, is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of Life;

4: Believe that your life mirrors your quest to know yourself in all ways, knowing your extremes to find your balance; and

5: Believe that your life essence is eternal and that your body may enjoy the same experiences of eternalness,

If  you agree with these tenants then ……
How can you, at the same time, judge an event, choice or actions, of yourself or another, as right or wrong, good or bad, or anything other than an expression of “The One”?

If ……You question or do not believe in the essence of even one of these statements,

Then perhaps ……You have just defined your next step in your path towards balance and mastery.

The Three Universal Fears

Your emotional charge of a universal fear, though often unconscious, is your promise that you will create patterns of relationships showing you these fears.

With few exceptions, our experiences of pain, suffering, illness, disease, and emotional trauma have their roots in these core universal fears.

These are the three basic underlying fears many of us experience:

1. Abandonment and Separation
We feel left or abandoned by our creator without explanation or reason. We feel alone. (Ex: “our father who art in heaven” vs. “our father who is everywhere”).

Expressed as: relationships where you are devastated when they fail, always being the one who gets “left” in the relationship, and/or being the first to leave a good relationship so that you are not hurt.

2. Self Worth
We are not “good enough”. Not worthy of our greatest dreams, highest aspirations, or deepest desires. There is a doubt from deep within that we will never have these things because we collectively question our deservability.

Expressed as: issues of low self esteem and/or creating relationships of career, friendship, and romance that match your expectations of not being good enough. 

3. Surrender and Trust
We believe this world is not safe and we must live in suspicion of the processes of life.

Expressed as: inability to surrender to our experience and/or relationships that mirror our expectations of this world being unsafe and unworthy of our trust.

Our universal fears appear so well disguised and accepted, that it is often easy to overlook them or to rationalize them as something else.

The Seven Essene Mirrors of Relationship

Relationships are the temples of today,  These mirrors will be presented to everyone through the relationships of their lifetime..  Through these connections we have insights into ourselves and our personal development.  They show us where we are at with our Universal Fears.  With their insight, we can release our fears and heal ourselves.

Subtle mirrors will be recognized and resolved before the powerful mirrors of even greater subtlety are acknowledged.

Emotions that lead to compassion are mastered, in sequence, through consciously acknowledging and mastering these seven mirrors.
Recognizing what the sequence is saying to you, and why you repeat similar patterns with different people, may be your most powerful steps toward your highest mastery.

Written in order from least to greatest degree of subtlety.

1. Reflections of the Moment
Many mirrors are presented to you through interaction in the moment, not hours or days later, so that the correlation between the pattern and the outcome can be recognized. This is popularly known today as “being in the now”.  If we are seeing our mirrors, then they are current patterns, happening now. The mirror becomes our moment of opportunity. Through these reflections we can become aware of our charges and remove them.

When you find yourself reacting with a charge to something, there is a good possibility that you are experiencing a powerful opportunity to know yourself on a deep, yet subtle level.

If you find your response is particularly strong, Bless that moment. You may be experiencing the first step in a powerful series of initiations that will lead you to the greatest levels of personal mastery, the mirror of the moment.

2. Reflections of Judgment
Those qualities that you judge will come into your life. Upon recognition and compassionately allowing your relationships to demonstrate their mirror to you (rather than resisting or getting even) the attraction will fade. Once the pattern of judgment is addressed at one place on one level, in one relationship, its echo fades on many other levels and these triggers will cease to exist. The mirrors of judgment are subtle, elusive, and will possibly not make sense to all who become aware of them.

3. Reflections of Loss
As you journey through life, pieces of your life may be lost, innocently given, or taken away by those who have had power over you. These are your compromises, exchanged for surviving your experience. When you desire to love and give of yourself you may find nothing is left. Calling back those pieces of you may be your highest expression of personal mastery.

An expression of this may be felt with people you bump into during regular daily interactions. You may catch the eye of someone and feel a magnetic spark of attraction or feeling of familiarity. This is a charge of our compliment a match to our lost pieces, or voids (what we have given up). If this happens, make contact and during the conversation ask yourself, “what do I see in this person that I have lost, given away, had taken away, or forgotten within myself?”

There’s a good possibility you have just found someone who has the potential to show you something of yourself that you have sought for years or possibly lifetimes.

4. Reflections of Your Most Forgotten Love (Greatest Fear) The part of yourself that you have least remembered, the part that you hold most dear, is your forgotten love. Addictions provide you with the opportunity to experience your greatest fears as you drive away the things that you hold most dear.

The gift of addictions is that you can see your greatest fears and identify that which you have a charge on.

5. Reflections of Father/Mother/Creator
If you are to list the positive and negative qualities of your caretakers as you remember them, there is a good chance that the way you perceive them mirrors your belief of how your creator views you. Try writing down a few positive and negative qualities of each of your caretakers now and reflect.

By virtue of healing your illusions and relationships with your earthly mother and father, you heal your perception of your relationship with their heavenly counterparts.

See perfections in the perceived imperfections of life.

6. Reflections of your Quest into Darkness
With few exceptions, nearly everyone will experience a “dark night of the soul” at some point in the course of their lives. This is an experience where you are drawn into a situation or circumstance representing what appears to you to be your worst fear. This awakens a dormant force that may become your most powerful ally, a gift toward highest levels of mastery for you in this lifetime.

You will be asked to draw upon every particle of wisdom available to you, from the depths of your innermost experience, to negate the power that you have given to the fear.

To know ourselves in our greatest darkness is our opportunity to heal that part of ourselves that we least choose to experience. To find our balance, we must know our extremes and embrace both to heal the judgment of our experience and to find the power of our truest nature.

The quest into darkness does not have to hurt. The pain, if any, is our mirror of the degree of charge that we have placed on “not losing” the things we hold most dear in life.

My personal Dark Night led to the single largest jump of growth in my life.  I’m now extremely grateful for it as I have formed an incredibly loving relationship with myself from the experience of it.  I am now free of the fear that led me and I’m enjoying myself on much greater levels.

7. Your Greatest Act of Compassion
Through the mirror of ourselves, we are asked to compassionately allow perfection in each expression of life, regardless of how the experience is viewed by others. The greatest act of compassion that you may ever be asked to demonstrate may well be compassion for yourself, in your choice of life conduct and expression.

Your view of yourself in anything other than perfection will reveal your greatest doubt (universal fear of least trust) in the perfection of your experience. Your actions to change yourself born of anything other than the love and respect for the gift of life through your body will reveal your greatest question of esteem (universal fear of self worth) in the perfection of who you have become to be.

Each one of the seven mysteries is sequential, building upon the realization of the one previous to it, through each you heal your universal fears.

In doing so, you prepare for yourself the path that allows compassion to be a force in your life.


About Rev. T. L. Walker

I am the founder of the Awakening Human Awareness Project. I am a light worker and energy facilitator doing frequency Attunements. Assisting with elevating a persons frequency by the process of entrainment. I also conduct playshops, designed to open the door to exploring limitless possibilities and remembering who we are.
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