Ascension Update

Image The Process of Ascension / Evolution

Is it the same?  I believe so. The information that is coming forward right now is from what I have discerned as an aspect of myself that resides within the vibrational field of the 7th dimension.  I call this consciousness Shy Mi Ra, and this energy carries with it a unified perspective.

Our consciousness resides within the oneness of all of life. It is really just a matter of focused attention that we experience anything and everything.  

The human experience is an adventure into time and form, it is to be felt however it is often the case that the sacred heart has been sacrificed on the cross of the mind…the intellect or some perceive this a s ego.

Ascension is the journey of the heart….the journey of compassion.  As a blended being is being birthed or evolved, however you would like to equate it. 

This process is assured, the question is how do you want to experience it….right here…. right NOW!

Expand your awareness so that you may fully feel the beauty of creation and open up to all the miracles and magic that surrounds you each and every moment.

With Divine Love Always

Shy Mi RA

About Rev. T. L. Walker

I am the founder of the Awakening Human Awareness Project. I am a light worker and energy facilitator doing frequency Attunements. Assisting with elevating a persons frequency by the process of entrainment. I also conduct playshops, designed to open the door to exploring limitless possibilities and remembering who we are.
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