Well isn’t that just interesting

This Ascension update was brought forward on 3/22/12 for the “Initiating the Light of Self” playshop up in Ocala, and I thought it might be of interest……

There is much love & appreciation for your unique perspective that is being focused within this earthly realm of time and form.  Know that this is a pivotal experience for all of creation.

Based within this time space continuum you have just celebrated the spring equinox,  the Solar Wave that will carry you through the completion of a cycle here on planet earth, and the beginning of a new paradigm.

Weeks prior to the equinox there was much solar activity, sort of a dance of energy between the Sun & Earth. the day of the equinox has been seen as the day of conception of a new earth & humanity which will be birthed on Dec. 21, 2012.

And so today you have an opportunity before you, to finally let go of the limiting beliefs and the self sabotaging patterns that you have created for yourself because you did not have the courage to step into who and what you truly are.  Today you can make a life affirming choice to hold yourself to be impeccable with self choosing honesty & integrity…taking off the mask and assessing what you have created and taking responsibility for that experience, without the judgment or excuses.

So at this very moment allow yourself to acknowledge that you have drawn every person and life event to yourself, so that you could know yourself better. And now allow yourself to come to a full realization of the beauty that lies within this creative power, because you are who you are right now! You are powerful, beautiful and perfect you always have been so, it is just the light of self has become dimmed with all the unexpressed emotions and limiting beliefs that you have bought into through eons of time here on planet earth.  It was not meant to be like this for this is the most magical of environments.  For earth with all her beauty and because of her nature, that of an electromagnetic field, we all have the ability to manifest thought into form, however you must learn the language that speaks to this field and that language is that of feelings.  We were meant to experience life without the distortion, for the pure beauty of the experience itself.

There have been those who have known and applied this information and who have also denied many for the sake of power.  However this is a new beginning and you wanted to be here to participate, so now is the time to stop playing small and just simply be honest with yourself.  Clear the emotional clutter, form an alliance with yourself at the cellular level which will initiate the light of self and then master the language that will enable you to manifest through your sacred heart.

About Rev. T. L. Walker

I am the founder of the Awakening Human Awareness Project. I am a light worker and energy facilitator doing frequency Attunements. Assisting with elevating a persons frequency by the process of entrainment. I also conduct playshops, designed to open the door to exploring limitless possibilities and remembering who we are.
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