About Us

We are a group of like minded individuals who are passionate about assisting with the  journey of self discovery as we all  expand our conscious awareness.  We very much enjoy bringing forward different perspectives that may enhance the expansion of awareness….. after all it is really all about frequency and our experience.

The AHA Project  is dedicated to expanding awareness plus developing balance and equilibrium within the mind – body contingency of our human experience and expression.

We are attending to offer diverse and varied pathways which will offer forums, avenues and ‘ways’ to step further inward to expand and find balance and as a result, true peace. There is no one way to establish balance and harmony in living a life. in truth, if it be stated that there are 6.5 billion human beings upon our planet then it can also be stated that there are 6.5 billion paths and ‘ways’ to achieve peace and nirvana as well. The key is this: all ways and paths lead to the same Space. And this Space knows no separation. It exemplifies our Unity and Oneness to the Whole. It demonstrates in every moment that all things are connected. What we offer through The  AHA Project is a variety of tools which will facilitate opportunities to establish and maintain balance and integrity of health and wellness within every aspect of our multi- dimensional being.

It is a pleasure to remind you of not who you are but what you are:

Energy, forever changing, transforming and forever becoming…

*The  Awakening Human Awareness Project  is not affiliated with any specific or organized faith, creed, religion or spiritual practice.*


Facilitating transition, transformation and the development of human potential and awareness of our multidimensional aspects of Self. Offering playshops, insightful consultations – both private and group as well as intuitive consultations… and more. For more information visit our website  http://awakeninghumanawareness.co

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